Teacher Strike

Caught in the middle.
Right near exams.
With exams just around the corner and the teachers strike going on, kids are panicking. Our teachers are doing their best to keep us informed and give us the best preparation for close exams.
What I’m getting at is… People shouldn’t be mad at ALL teachers, just the teachers union. Do they want a raise? Yes! Who doesn’t? But not a huge one like what the media has put in our heads. What they want is to teach the future generation, or that’s what my teachers want, to just teach. They want smaller class sizes so they can give kids the best education possible.
1 teacher to every 18 students is accurate… If you’re talking about the principal(s), the councilor(s), and the teacher assistants. Teacher who teach in classes are overwhelmed by students and they need funding to continue educating.
Correct me if I’m wrong, and educate, don’t discriminate.



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